Bahamas Destination Weddings

The All Inclusive Vacations Bahamas is your destination for a pristine beach wedding

If it’s always been your dream to get married in paradise while standing on a pristine beach, Enchanted Honeymoons can make that dream a reality. Our Omaha travel agents have extensive experience booking destination weddings and are equipped to help you find the perfect wedding package on the stunningly beautiful All Inclusive Vacations Bahamas.

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Why Get Married in the All Inclusive Vacations Bahamas?

The Bahamas are a beautiful slice of paradise in the Caribbean. Comprised of over 700 islands, cays, and islets, there is a sense of intimacy everywhere you go in the Bahamas which is perfect for a romantic getaway. Beautiful weather year-round and stunning beaches can contribute to the destination wedding you’ve always dreamed about.

Amazing Resorts
As a popular tourist destination, you’ll find breathtaking resorts on all of the islands in the Bahamas. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort, an adult-only retreat, or a family-friendly location that is fun for all ages, you can find the perfect resort for your dream wedding.

  • All-Inclusive Resorts
    All-inclusive resorts are the best that tropical vacations have to offer and are ideal for destination weddings. By paying for everything in advance, you won’t have to worry about accumulating costs during your trip, so you’ll be able to fully enjoy your big day!
  • Adult-Only Resorts
    For those looking for a more intimate destination wedding, there are many adult-only resorts to choose from in the Bahamas. What better way to spend your wedding day and honeymoon than in a romantic resort designed for couples?
  • Family-Friendly Resorts
    If you want your entire family to be able to celebrate your wedding day with you, then you may want to look into staying at a family-friendly resort so guests of all ages can enjoy their stay.

Beach Weddings
The beaches in the Bahamas are unparalleled in beauty and number. With so many islands to choose from, there are plenty of beaches where you can hold your dream wedding ceremony.

Fast Travel
Grand Bahama Island isn’t far from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. In fact, you can get there with either a 45-minute flight or a 3-hour ferry ride. With paradise so close by, you don’t have to have a long journey to celebrate your wedding day.

Impeccable Destinations
The main tourist destinations include the islands of New Providence, Grand Bahama Island, and Great Exuma. New Providence is home to the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, and is a popular cruise destination. Grand Bahama Island is one of the closest islands to the coast of Florida and is home to the city of Freeport and several national parks. Great Exuma is the perfect tropical destination for fishing, sailing, and snorkeling.

  • Nassau
    Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas and is located on the island of New Providence. With several wonderful beaches near the city, as well as the proximity of Paradise Island, Nassau is a popular cruise and honeymoon destination. In Nassau you get the perfect mix of shopping, food, and entertainment from the city, combined with the relaxing tropical oasis of the gulf shore. Be sure to check out the adult-only Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort located on Cable Beach.
  • Freeport
    The city of Freeport on Grand Bahama Island was founded as a center for tourism in 1955, so it has nearly every amenity a tourist could desire. With amazing beaches, breathtaking golf courses, outdoor activities, shopping centers, nightclubs, and five-star resorts, Freeport is a popular destination in the Bahamas. Grand Bahama Island is the closest island to the shores of Miami Beach and can be reached via a short plane ride or by ferry. With the ease of travel and a wealth of amazing sights, Freeport is a spectacular location for your destination wedding.
  • Great Exuma
    Great Exuma is a long, narrow island that is characterized by some of the most picturesque beaches in the Caribbean. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather by partaking in outdoor activities like sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and more. When it comes to planning a fairy-tale beach wedding, it’s tough to beat the beauty of the beaches on Great Exuma. For a truly romantic experience, be sure to check out the adult-only resort Sandals Emerald Bay in Great Exuma.

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