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Why a Travel Agent Should Be at the Top of Your Vacation Checklist

In the age of the internet, some might question the necessity of using a travel agent to book their next luxury vacation. However, one thing that the internet can’t give you is an intimate, personal experience with the locations you’re traveling to.

Our travel agents have been to all of the places you’re wanting to go. With their wisdom, advice, and personal experience at your disposal, arranging your dream vacation can be less stressful than ever. Not only that, but our agents are paid by the resorts—not you. This means you can truly enjoy the best deals and vacation packages available without making up for it in travel agency expenses.

Here are a few of the top reasons world-travels work with travel agencies:

  1. Travel agencies can find deals you won’t just stumble upon. It’s our job to search for the best locations at the best prices in exactly the places you want to travel to. Let us take the stress off of your vacation planning—and your budget!
  2. Travel agents are truly experts in destination weddings, honeymoons, and vacations. Given that we’ve been everywhere you want to go and have helped countless individuals like yourself travel there, too, we can help make sure your trip is everything you’ve dreamed of. With the skinny on the best restaurants, resorts, and activities all over the world, you can trust us to make the most of your vacation!
  3. A travel agent can give you personal, one-on-one help that the world wide web just simply can’t match. Spend more time daydreaming of surfing off the coast of Hawaii and less time searching the world wide web—our travel agents are here to listen and share their wealth of knowledge.
  4. At Enchanted Honeymoons, working with a travel agency is FREE. That’s right. Because we’re paid by the resorts, you’re getting the best advice and the best deals on your dream wedding, honeymoon, or vacation at no extra cost to you.

Meet the Travel Agents at Enchanted Honeymoons

Enchanted Honeymoons Travel was started in August of 1993 out of a love for travel and a background in the wedding industry. Since then, we’ve grown from a travel agency of one to a staff of 17, including three outside agents. Here’s a little more about our incredible team:

They’ve Seen the World

Our agents have been to locations around the world like the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Pacific, Europe, Canada, Hawaii. It’s become our goal to help others find adventure and relaxation through exciting new scenery, cultures, and experiences.

They Have 100 Years of Combined Travel Experience

Our travel agents have traveled extensively and have a great knowledge of all the destinations that we send our clients to. With over 100 years of combined travel experience, we have the most qualified and well-traveled staff you will find.

They’re Dedicated to Helping You Plan the Trip of a Lifetime

In addition to our travel agents’ knowledge and travel experience, they are extremely customer-service oriented and want your trip to be the most incredible trip of your lifetime. We take great pride in ensuring that every detail is exactly what you want it to be.

Our Agents

Kem & Lori


Our love of travel is where Enchanted Honeymoons Travel started 30 years ago. We booked our honeymoon with a travel agent that did not seem to have much time for us. At the time, we owned another wedding-related business and thought that if we had her job, we could do it much better. Since then, it’s been our goal to truly help people (especially brides and grooms) plan their trips to ensure it’s exactly what they want and that it goes perfectly. To this day, it is our pleasure to see people come back from their trips so happy and thrilled with the trip we helped them plan.

We went to the Bahamas on our honeymoon and loved it. From there, we traveled all through Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, every beach in Florida, many Canadian destinations, almost all of the states in the U.S., and throughout Europe. We love sharing the good and the bad with our customers so that their trips are perfect! We feel it is so important to be there for our customers to tell them what the destinations are really like.

We have a staff of 14 who specialize in beach destinations, all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, honeymoons, and destination weddings. We also have several travel agents who specialize in Europe.

Our favorite destinations are the Virgin Islands and Hawaii and spending time in Europe.

Kyle Smith

Manager & Travel Advisor

Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Florida, Ireland

Josh Martinez

Manager & Travel Advisor

Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico

Krete Bullington

Manager & Travel Advisor

Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Disney, Cruise, Belize, South America

Brandi Johnson

Travel Advisor

Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Cruise

Marissa Hatcher

Travel Advisor

Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Florida

Graci Brouillette

Travel Advisor

Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean, Florida

Jacki Inman

Travel Advisor

Europe, Cruise, Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii

Jeff Bartels

Travel Advisor

Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska

Lennard Osby

Travel Advisor

Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii

Samantha Herman

Travel Advisor

Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Florida, Cruises

Jane Leahy

Travel Advisor

Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Florida, Cruises, Europe


Laine Moen

Agency Support

Kelly Smith

Marketing & Agency Support

Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii

Marissa Martinez

Agency Support