13 Nights in Spain & Portugal: Part 2: Madrid

Madrid at Night

13 Nights in Spain & Portugal: Part 2: Madrid

Part 2: Madrid

Madrid main

Part 2 of our highlight on Enchanted Travel expert Teresa’s trip in Spain & Portugal is Madrid. Teresa and her crew flew from Barcelona to Madrid on Thursday, May 30th. Here is a recap of their full itinerary:

Sunday, May 26: Leave Omaha @ 11:21 AM.

Monday, May 27: Arrive in Barcelona @ 10:20 AM local time.

Thursday, May 30: Fly from Barcelona @ 12 PM & arrive in Madrid at 1:35 PM local time.

Saturday, June 1: Fly from Madrid at 12:10 PM & arrive in Lisbon, Portugal at 12:30 PM local time.

Monday, June 3: Leave Lisbon by train at 2:09 PM and arrive in Porto, Portugal at 4:50 PM local time.

Thursday, June 6: Leave Porto by train at 1:25 PM and arrive in Santiago, Spain at 6:15 PM local time.

Sunday, June 9: Fly from Santiago at 5:05 PM and arrive in Dublin at 6:15 PM local time.

Monday, June 10: Fly from Dublin at 11:20 AM and arrive in Chicago at 2 PM local time.

As we mentioned in Part 1, Teresa parted ways with a portion of her group as they set out to hike the Camino in Spain. The group that headed to Camino included Teresa’s husband Jeff and her daughter Courtni.

Madrid - Camino 1

Madrid - Camino 2

Jeff was the only man brave enough for this unique journey, as he and Courtni were accompanied by 4 adventurous females! Teresa stayed back with her son Lucas & the rest of the group:

Madrid group guys

It looks like they had their own (more relaxing) fun on their own, though! Let’s check out everything they experienced during their time in Madrid. Read on for more!

Madrid: Champions League Final 2019

Madrid soccer 1

Although Teresa & her group didn’t attend the game, they did get to take in the fan fair on the day before the Champions League Final 2019. These pictures were taken on May 30th and the game was held on June 1st, when they left for Lisbon.

Madrid soccer 2

Madrid soccer 3

The entire city was full of celebrations, especially surrounding the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium where the game was held. Liverpool ended up defeating Tottenham Hotspur 2-0. Fun fact (maybe not so fun for die hard Spanish soccer fans): This was the first final since 2013 that no Spanish teams made it to the finals. In the past five years, either Barcelona or Real Madrid won the final!

Madrid Dining

While Jeff, Courtni, and the rest of the hikers made their way to Camino, Teresa’s half of the group enjoyed some amazing cuisine during their time in Madrid.

Kausa Madrid

Kausa Maddrid 2

Kausa Madrid is a Peruvian, Latin & vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Madrid. Two brothers own the eatery and their kitchen serves up a fusion between Peruvian and Spanish cuisine.

Kausa Madrid

The menu at Kausa Madrid includes items like Ceviche de Pescado and Pulpo a la Plancha (an octopus dish). It is not all seafood however; they also serve meat dishes. In addition, they have a wonderful selection of deserts, including Crema Volteada, which literally translates to “cream flipped” but is like a flan or Crème Brûlée. Their drink menu is also outstanding and they have an extensive wine list. Menu prices range from about $5 – $20.

Chocolatería San Ginés

Madrid Churro 3

Chocolatería San Ginés is one of the most famous chocolate and churro shops in Madrid. The shop has more likes on TripAdvisor than anyone! Teresa opted for the traditional chocolate with churros, pictured above.

Madrid churro 1

The famed Chocolatería is located in the quaint San Ginés passageway (pictured above) in the heart of the city near Puerta del Sol.

Madrid churro 2

Inside, the eatery is reminiscent of cafes of the late nineteenth century. It has 2 floors with white marble tables and beautiful tiles. It was built in 1890 as an inn and hostel. In 1894, the brothers converted it into its famed chocolate shop establishment.

More in Madrid

The rest of their short time spent in Madrid consisted of strolling the quaint streets, relaxing at the outdoor cafes, and admiring the beautiful architecture and ambiance that can only be found in this unique city.

Madrid 1

Madrid 2

Madrid 3

Madrid 4

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