The 7 Best Christmas Markets in Europe

The 7 Best Christmas Markets in Europe

It’s that time of year again when your Instagram feed starts to pile on the Christmas vibes. If you’re like me and you follow a ton of travel accounts on the app, then you’ve probably started to see some gorgeous Christmas markets in Europe. If traveling to one of these markets isn’t in the cards for you this year, that’s okay! Let’s take a look at some of the best ones, maybe for some travel inspiration for next December!



1. Viennese Christmas Market, Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one European city that goes all-out when it comes to Christmas spirit. The capital city of Austria has been home to one of the most famous Christmas markets since 1298. Nowadays, the city has over 20 Christmas events, so December is the perfect time to visit. The best Christmas attraction in Vienna is the Viennese Christmas Market. You can find it right in front of City Hall, and this year it runs from November 17 through December 26. Here you’ll find over 150 stalls with everything from mulled wine and other boozy Christmas aperitifs to Austrian sausages and handwoven mittens. In addition, the market has a large ice rink for skating and you can even try your hand at curling if you wish. Kids will love the reindeer rides and the classic nativity scene.



2. Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is located in eastern France. Though not as old as the Viennese market, it does date back to 1570. Although not as historic, it is almost double the size Vienna’s Christmas Market, with over 300 stalls and 10 locations throughout the city. In addition to the stunning market, travelers must visit Place Kleber, home of the Great Christmas Tree. This towering tree puts New York’s Rockefeller Center to shame!



3. Frankfurt Christmas Market, Birmingham, UK

Hailed as the “largest authentic German Christmas Market outside of Germany or Austria”, England’s ode to the Christmas Market should not be missed! You can take part in all its glory from November 15 to December 23. During this time window, you’ll find over 120 stalls selling something for everyone on your Christmas list. The biggest draw is Chris Moose. “The singing moose” can be found right outside the market’s entrance. In addition to this large market, those in the area should also make time to stop at the smaller Christmas Craft Market in nearby Centenary Square. Here you’ll find about 30 stalls with British sausages and local beers, plus handmade items from local artists.


4. Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany

Our list of the best Christmas Markets in Europe would not be complete without mentioning Germany. Berlin is home to several Christmas Markets, but this one is our favorite. Here you’ll love the classic wooden stalls where locals are selling everything from crafts to mulled wine. For a truly unique handmade Christmas gift, this is the market to go to. In addition, visit in the evening to witness one of the nightly concerts.



5. Tallinn Christmas Market, Estonia

Tallin is the capital city of Estonia, and is home to the famous Tallinn Christmas Market. You can take part each year in front of Town Hall Square. Other than the fabulous market, there are performances by choirs, poets and dance troupes. The main highlight, however, is the Christmas tree in Town Hall Square. It is one of the first to be displayed in Europe, with the tradition dating back to 1441.



6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s Christmas crafts market is one you should not miss, but even more alluring than that are the Christmas Trees. You’ll find hundreds of them, strewn with amazing lights, throughout the city’s famed historic amusement park, Tivoli Gardens. The most stunning images are of the weeping willows near the lake, which are strung with hundreds of strands of lights each year.



7. Prague, Czech Republic

You’ll find two spectacular markets in Prague that could rightfully each have their own ranking on this list. The first is in Wenceslas Square and the second is in Old Town Square. You can find pretty much anything you are looking for at one of these markets, from homemade wooden toys to Bohemian crystals and plenty of sweets and boozy drinks.


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