Christmas in the Caribbean

Christmas in the Caribbean

Have you ever found yourself hoping to trade the frostbite and blizzards for Christmas in the Caribbean? We don’t blame you.  Below we’ve listed some of our favorite holiday traditions and celebrations that are completely unique to the Caribbean islands!

1. Junkanoo, Bahamas

Junkanoo is a spectacular street carnival that the Bahamians begin preparing for months in advance.  This celebration entails locals donned in brightly decorated costumes, dancing and singing to Caribbean rhythms to honor legendary West African Prince, John Canoe. You get two chances to catch the festival, which takes place on both December 26th and January 1st in the island’s capital of Nassau.

2. Festival of Lights, St. Lucia

Make your way to the island’s capital city of Castries in December 13th to discover the Parade of Lanterns, dancing, and a grand finale of fireworks. Just as it sounds, this Festival of Lights is a celebration of light conquering dark, honoring the Saint Lucia or “Saint Lucy” (the patron saint of light). The most recent addition to the festival, the Lantern Ritual, takes place at the harbor where lanterns are placed in the water to symbolize the prayers and wishes of the year to come.

3. Sand Yards, Cayman Islands

A white Christmas is just something the Caribbean has learned to live without, so we thought. When Christmas-ing in the Caymans, don’t miss the locals’ imitations of snow-covered lawns by covering them in powdery, white sand. Sounds like a pretty great alternative to us!

4. Nelson’s Dockyard Christmas Champagne Party, Antigua

A tradition that has been taking place for 25 years and counting, Antiguans head to Nelson’s Dockyard on Christmas morning for their annual Champagne Party. About 500 bottles of bubbly are popped for this extravaganza, with all proceeds given to charity.

5. Harbour Fest, Jamaica

There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with a dazzling firework display. Jamaica’s Harbour Fest is just that, live reggae performances and a wide array of craft vendors leading up to the main event.

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