Our Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Inspiration

Our Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Inspiration

Instagram i s a great place to fuel your wanderlust! These are the top Instagram accounts that we follow for travel inspiration. Read on!


1. @bytheway

By The Way is a new a travel-related account brought to us by the Washington Post. Their bio reads: “Take a detour with locals. There’s more to see.” This is a fairly new account, with just 108 posts since June 9th, 2019. By The Way started off with city guides to top travel destinations like San Francisco, Barcelona, Miami, Paris, and Mexico City. They use information from local journalists in 50 cities around to the word to guide followers through their favorite neighborhoods, places to eat and things to do.

They also give advice to make sure you blend in with the locals. In addition to this insider information, @bytheway will keep you updated on travel news and trends around the world. Plus, they offer helpful tips and tricks for travelers. For instance, in a post from June 19th, 2019, they take you step by step through what you should do if you lose your passport while traveling abroad.


2. @culturetrip

Culture Trip’s Instagram account offers some of the most unique and beautiful posts we’ve seen. They cover destinations all over the world with a unique perspective. Their focus is generally on stunning waterfall views, quaint streets and restaurants, and aerial views of the some of the most gorgeous travel destinations in the world. Plus, their captions are well-written and informative. They use photos from travel photographers all over the world and bring them to one well-curated Instagram feed for your viewing pleasure. You’ll also love the account’s interactive stories. They often post quizzes about different destinations or polls comparing two destinations. Join in the fun by following them, then call us when your wanderlust sets in!


3. @uniladadventure

UNILAD Adventure is the most popular travel channel on Facebook, and now you can experience the creative curated content on your Instagram feed. Not only do they post unique shots from some of the best travel photographers in the world, they also provide links to their YouTube channel with city guides, restaurant guides and more. This account has a heavy focus on European destinations, but you’ll often see shots of Canada and US destinations as well. It is a very well-rounded and eclectically curated page, with lavish beach and pool shots mixed with rugged mountain and adventure posts. You are sure to discover something new from this account.


4. @natgeotravel

National Geographic Travel’s Instagram account invites you to explore the world through the lens of their photographers. It is probably not shocking that most of the posts on this account revolve around adventure travel and wildlife. However, you’ll also find that they add in some very unique shots and perspectives. You’ll love their shots of different animal species around the world. For example, in a post from July 27, 2019, they caption a shot of two red fox puppies emerging from a woodpile in the Big Hole Valley.


5. @lonelyplanet

We love Lonely Planet’s Instagram account because they feature many amateur photographers’ photos on their well-curated page. Their bio reads: “For 45 years we’ve been helping travelers to explore every day.” They also invite amateur photogs to tag their shots with #lonelyplent or #mylpguide to be featured on their page. This allows followers to find these lesser-known travel and adventure photographers and join in on their experiences around the world. They offer great comprehensive guides on destinations all over, from Africa to Asia and everywhere in between. Plus, not they don’t only focus on top travel destinations. They also offer guides for things such as solo travel and travel scams. In addition, they have helpful tips on how to navigate getting lost in a foreign destination and more.

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