Graci’s Review of the Princeville Resort in Kauai + Nearby Hanalei

Princeville Resort 4

Graci’s Review of the Princeville Resort in Kauai + Nearby Hanalei

Princeville Kauai

Graci just returned from a stay at the Princeville Resort in Kauai to celebrate her Grandmother’s 94th birthday! Read on for more details, including a review of where she stayed and all of her favorite Hawaiian adventures.


northshore beaches shutterstuckNorth Shore Area of Kauai

“We loved the North Shore area of Kauai as it felt very authentic with a variety of things to do, including snorkeling, hiking and boutique shopping to name a few”, Graci told us. Although it rained nearly every day, most of the time it was just a light drizzle for a short amount of time – about 20 minutes. The rest of the time was sunshine! “The climate makes for beautiful views of rainbows and waterfalls that appear flowing down the mountains,” Graci explained.

Princeville Resort 4

Princeville Resort

Graci and her family stayed at the Princeville Resort, which is about a 50 minute drive from the airport.


Kauai 2

It is just an 8-10 minute drive from the small surfing village of Hanalei (more on this later!). But first, check out the view from the drive between the airport and the resort (above). You’ll pass through the town of Kapa’a, where this photo was taken, on your way to the property. Kapa’a is right next to many authentic food trucks.


Princeville Resort 9

The best part about this resort was the gorgeous mountain views, seen above with Graci’s husband posing in front of the breathtaking environment. It’s hard to imagine that this place could be any more beautiful in person than it is in these pictures! Below is another photo of the spectacular mountain scenery in the evening:

Princeville Resort 1


Princeville Resort 6

In addition, Graci loved snorkeling for a view of the coral reef right off of the resort’s beach.


Princeville Resort 5

The mountain and water views aren’t the only aspects of this resort that embrace the beauty of nature. The entire property is full of gorgeous gardens.


Princeville Resort 2

The Princeville Resort is also home to the Princeville Makai Golf Course, pictured above. The course is located just one mile from the resort and was named one of the Top 5 Great Golf Settings in America by National Geographic Traveler. It is 27 holes total, made up of two separate courses: the 18-hole championship Princeville Makai Ocean Course and the nine-hole Woods Course. Princeville guests receive discounted green fees, preferred tee times, and shuttle service.


Princeville Resort 8

If for some reason gorgeous views, snorkeling, or golf aren’t your thing – there’s always the breakfast buffet stocked full of incredible dishes and the freshest fruit. The property has two restaurants, a cafe for pastries and coffee, and a lavish bar. In addition, in-room dining is available here.

Hanalei 4

Hanalei, Kauai


Hanalei 1

Hanalei is a small surfing village near Hanalei Bay and about 8-10 minutes from Princeville Resort.


North Shore

As if it is any surprise at all, the drive from the resort to Hanalei is gorgeous as well (see above)!


Hanalei 2

Here you’ll find boutique shops, small restaurants and great food trucks.


Hanalei 5

Some of Graci’s favorite restaurants and food trucks include Bar Acuda for tapas and L&L BBQ. She also loved Hanalei Gourmet, a dive restaurant in a former schoolhouse with live local music. Trucking Delicious is a can’t-miss Hawaiian-style food truck that Graci also enjoyed. “Bar Acuda was probably our favorite restaurant in Hanalei as you get the chance to try unique tapas in a really quaint atmosphere. Eating at the food trucks is a great way to find cheap food that is some of the freshest you’ll find,” Graci said.


Hanalei 3

And of course, you cannot visit Hawaii without having as much shaved ice as your stomach can handle! This spot in Hanalei is not only adorable, but very delicious.

Napali Coast 7

Kauai Sea Tours Napali Coast Cruise

“This was one of the highlights of our trip,” Graci explained, “The views of the Napali Coast are indescribable, especially from the vantage point of the water. The crew with Kauai Sea Tours was very laid back and knowledgeable!”


Napali Coast 7

Kauai Sea Tours departs from Port Allen on the south side of the island. At Port Allen, Graci and her group boarded a catamaran cruise that took them up the west side of the island to see the dramatic Napali Coast.


Napali Coast 4

Napali Coast 3

This landscape was used for the Jurassic Park films as well as other movies and TV shows.

The cruise also gave them great views of Famous King’s Valley, or Valley of the Kings. King’s Valley is a 700-acre valley of pristine wetlands with side cliffs reaching almost 2,000 feet high. It’s also home to hundreds of cascading waterfalls and Hawaii’s most secluded surf spots on the beautiful black sand beach below.


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