Honeymooning During Hurricane Season

Honeymooning During Hurricane Season

Planning a fall honeymoon, but worried about hurricane season? Don’t worry, although hurricane season is generally August through mid-October (but can actually begin in June and go through the end of November), there are still plenty of tropical destinations that are out of the danger zone. While much of the Caribbean, Florida, and other states bordering the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean are somewhat dangerous during hurricane season, that still leaves many tropical destinations to consider. Check them all out below.


Tips for Planning a Honeymoon Around Hurricane Season

First and foremost, talk with your Enchanted Travel agent about the best destinations for your desired month of travel. You can get an idea for yourself by keeping tabs on any storms brewing on the National Weather Service’s Hurricane Awareness site.

In addition, you might find that rates are low for travel to Florida or the Caribbean during peak hurricane season. If you choose to take advantage of a good deal, ask your Enchanted Travel agent about travel insurance. In addition, you can find out if your airline and resort have a hurricane guarantee before you book.  If you choose to take the risk of traveling to a hurricane-prone zone, make sure to get insurance. You can expect either a full refund or the option to rebook within a year. Again – check with your Enchanted Travel agent when booking.

You really want to read the fine print in any conditions in your insurance or hurricane guarantee policy before booking. They vary greatly, so look out for terms such as “direct impact” or “impacted by hurricane-force winds”. These terms often mean that you are not able to cancel your trip in advance, but you may be eligible for reimbursement after a storm hits.


Relatively Safe Caribbean Destinations versus Destinations More Likely to Experience Hurricanes

Not all Caribbean islands are subject to hurricanes. Specifically, Caribbean islands located further south are the least likely to experience hurricanes. These include Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, Curacao, and the Turks and Caicos. In addition, islands further west are less likely than those on the eastern side of the Caribbean to experience hurricanes. This makes them relatively safe destinations for late summer honeymoons.

As a general rule and based off of climate date from these regions, most destinations in the northeastern Caribbean and southeastern United States are affected by a hurricane or tropical storm at least every other year. Some islands to the south and west are hit less frequently. Destinations that have been hit more than once every other year include: Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, Bermuda in the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and Miami.

Choose a destinations that has not seen a hurricane in several years. Tobago is a good example. 1963 was their last encounter with a major hurricane. However, hurricanes are extremely unpredictable. Usually they don’t form until days or, if you’re lucky, weeks, before an already scheduled honeymoon.


Tropical (Non-Caribbean) Destinations that are not at risk of Experiencing Hurricanes

Your safest bet if you want to honeymoon in the fall is to choose a beach destination that does not experience hurricanes at this time of the year, if every. These include destinations like Hawaii, California, Greece, or Australia. Parts of Mexico are relatively safe as well, like Cancun and Cabo. I am planning my own honeymoon for Cancun in the last week of September. There are several destinations that are completely safe from this hurricane season, so if you really want to travel during this time, go for it – just choose your destination wisely. Alternately, if your wedding is in the fall or late summer, you can opt to delay your honeymoon until after November. This will ensure that you are completely out of the hurricane zone.


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