How to Choose Your Honeymoon Destination Based on Seasons

How to Choose Your Honeymoon Destination Based on Seasons

When choosing a honeymoon destination, one of the first steps should be deciding which season you will be traveling for the best weather and prices. If you start with this step in the beginning, it is easier to narrow down your choices – which can seem daunting! Keep in mind that the best weather is going to be found during any destination’s high season. High season usually means higher room rates and more crowds. So make sure to reserve early or choose a travel time that isn’t in peak season for your honeymoon destination.

We’ve created a guide on the best destinations for each month based off of the most ideal weather of the year. The months right before and after peak season are known as “should seasons”. During shoulder seasons, you’ll usually still have good weather and often lower hotel rates. Some destinations, like the Caribbean and Hawaii, enjoy great weather year-round, but are at their best during the months listed below.

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The Best Time to Honeymoon in the Caribbean

In the Caribbean, the best months to visit are December to May. During this time frame, the islands are the coolest and breeziest. However, average temperatures year-round are between 78-88 degrees. The worst months to go to the Caribbean are August through October. Technically, official hurricane season runs from June through November, but the worst months are August, September & October. Keep in mind that islands near South America, like Aruba and Trinidad, are outside of the hurricane danger zone so you can visit these islands year-round. In addition, high-altitude and coastal areas of the Caribbean are coooled down by the trade winds all year, which you’ll be thankful for if you plan to go in the hotter months).


The Best Time to Honeymoon in the Bahamas

The best months to visit the Bahamas are November through April. The worst months are June to October, as it is generally the hottest and rainiest time of year there.


The Best Time to Honeymoon in Hawaii

Hawaii is a great honeymoon destination all year long, but March to July are the best. October and November are also good times to visit the islands of Hawaii. December and January experience the coolest weather – although you’ll still see an average temperature of about 75 degrees during these months. August and September are the hottest months to visit Hawaii, and November to March is Hawaii’s rainy season. Keep in mind that the northern shore of each of Hawaii’s island is rainier than the southern sides. This is especially true for Kauai and the Big Island.


The Best Time to Honeymoon in Mexico

The best months in terms of weather for Mexico is between October and May. Rainy seasons begins in June and runs through September in most popular areas of Mexico , but usually only involves a light sprinkle throughout the day. Popular honeymoon destinations in Mexico like Cabo and Cancun can get very hot from June through August, so keep that in mind as well.


The Best Time to Honeymoon in Bermuda

May to October are peak season for weather in Bermuda. January and February are rainier and not as warm.


The Best Time to Honeymoon in Europe

The best months to enjoy Europe are from May to September or October. They have generally the same season as the U.S. temperature-wise, so it’s going to be colder in most destinations – even beach destinations like the South of France – from November through April. The worst months weather-wise are December and February. Prices are also usually steeper in December because of the holidays.


The Best Time to Honeymoon in Florida

Florida’s best weather occurs in March, April, October and November. The worst time to visit Florida is between May and September as it is very hot and Florida is technically located in the Atlantic hurricane zone. However, the Florida Keys experience warm, Caribbean-like weather all year long.


The Best Time to Honeymoon in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia’s best weather is found between November to February. The hottest months are April and May and the rainy season is from June through the end of September.


The Best Time to Honeymoon in the South Pacific

The best time to visit the South Pacific is between May and October. December, January and February are very hot, humid, and rainy here. In addition, Fiji is inside the Pacific cyclone zone which runs from November to April. Tahiti, however, is not inside the danger zone and Fiji is rarely hit during the highest-risk months of January and February.


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