Hurricane Delta Update for Cancun & Riviera Maya

Hurricane Delta Update for Cancun & Riviera Maya

Hurricane Delta Update for Cancun & Riviera Maya

Our manager Andy reached out to some of our travel industry friends in Cancun for an update on their properties following Hurricane Delta earlier this week. Thankfully, the majority of properties we’ve spoken with reported minimal damage and plan to welcome guests back this week.


Hurricane Delta Update for Cancun & Riviera Maya

Playa Hotels

According to our sales rep for Playa Hotels, “all of our guests returned to Playa Resorts yesterday around 3 PM. We are not accepting new reservations until Saturday 10/10 but are accepting all guests with existing reservations. All of our properties had minimal damage following Tropical Storm Delta – thank goodness!”


Excellence Hotels

We are very happy to report on what our Excellence Hotels sales rep disclosed to Andy this morning:

“After careful review of the situation pertaining to hurricane Delta, we are happy to confirm the reopening of two of our three properties in Mexico: Finest Playa Mujeres and Excellence Playa Mujeres. Following an evacuation advisory from the government, it will be our pleasure to welcome you back at Finest Playa Mujeres and Excellence Playa Mujeres later today.”

“Some guests of Finest Playa Mujeres and Excellence Playa Mujeres are staying at the hurricane shelters. They will be transported back to their respective hotels today; however, a specific time is yet to be determined. Even though roads are being quickly cleared near the resorts area, we are still evaluating the street conditions in Downtown Cancun and the highway to ensure the buses can safely get from the shelters to the resorts, and we also are following hour-to-hour government instructions regarding transport. We will keep you informed of this process as the day progresses.”

“Regarding Excellence Riviera Cancun, since the resort is located in the area where Hurricane Delta made landfall, our decision to reopen cannot be as immediate as that of our other properties. We require additional time to examine the conditions at Excellence Riviera Cancun and its surroundings to ensure the safe return of our guests. At the moment it is uncertain whether we will reopen today or tomorrow, and we will provide an update shortly.”


Palace Resorts

According to our sales rep for Palace Resorts, all properties located in the Cancun & Riviera Maya regions have safely survived Hurricane Delta. “We are hopeful to have all of our Resorts receiving new guests by tomorrow.  All of our guests moved to our Convention Center at Moon Palace Cancun on Tuesday afternoon.  Our Convention Center is a Hurricane Shelter at Moon Palace Cancun.  We are moving guests back to our Resorts today that were already in Cancun.  Very fortunate that the hurricane downgraded before it reached the Mainland.”

“Palace Resorts located in the Cancun & Riviera Maya regions have safely survived Hurricane Delta. We are happy to announce that our hotels received no major damage other than minor debris, including down trees and vegetation. Our guests will be relocated back to their respective resorts as early as Thursday, October 8th and we will begin welcoming new guests as early as Friday, October 9th.”


UNICO 20˚87˚ Hotel Riviera Maya

Our rep for AIC Hotel brands gave us an update on UNICO 20˚87˚ Hotel Riviera Maya. She noted that the property did not sustain any damage. The hotel will continue to welcome any guests who are booked to stay there.


Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya & Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

Our AIC sales rep also gave us an update on Hard Rock properties in Riviera Maya and Cancun:

“Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya did not sustain any more damage. The team continues to assess the property grounds, and has begun working on the clean up. We anticipate operations to resume as of tomorrow.”

“Hard Rock Hotel Cancun sustained some damage, which we are still assessing. The hotel will remain closed as  repairs are made and it is safe to reopen.

o later than sometime next week.”

“Some guests relocated to Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya yesterday. They will remain there for the time being. We plan to relocate any guests that are scheduled to check-in at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun in the next few days to Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.”

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