New Safety Rules for US Airlines

New Safety Rules for US Airlines

New Safety Rules for US Airlines

US airlines have each approached social distancing in the skies differently; most are requiring face masks and other precautions. Some airlines are also offering FREE changes for passengers if they do not feel comfortable traveling.

Read on for how these Safety Rules for US Airlines Compare.

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American Airlines

Although American Airlines is not blocking their middle seats on flights, they are limiting flight loads. This is to prevent completely full flights. If a flight begins to fill over a certain limit, they will notify you by email to offer the option to change to a new flight free of charge. In addition, they are requiring face masks to be worn on every flight. They also updated their cleaning procedures to include disinfecting before each flight and regular fogging using an electrostatic sprayer.

Delta Air Lines

In an effort to limit flight loads to 60% in economy cabins (50% in first class), Delta is blocking middle seats and certain aisle seats on its aircraft. This policy will carry forward until September 30. However, they are now increasing capacity on certain high demand routes. In addition, the airline is distributing an “essentials kit” to all passengers. This kit includes bottled water, snacks, and hand sanitizer. As an extra precaution, they are boarding their aircraft back to front. They are also offering no change fees for flights that are too crowded for a passenger’s liking. Plus, face masks are required and they added fogging with the use of an electrostatic sprayer to their cleaning procedure.

United Airlines

United no longer includes blocked middle seats and limited flight loads in their social distancing policy. However, they are allowing passengers with full flights to make a change free of charge. Face masks are also required on all flights. For flights over 2 hours and 20 minutes, the airline distributes “amenity bags”. These bags include a sanitizing wipe, bottled water, and snacks. They will also be using fogging with an electrostatic sprayer between all flights.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest does not allow pre-assigned seats, but they now limit the number of seats sold on each plane. This ensures middle seats are left open for those not traveling together. This policy is in place until September 30. In addition, boarding will be completed in groups of 10 and in-flight services have been temporarily suspended. Plus, they require face masks. The airlines also disinfect their aircraft using an electrostatic sprayer. In addition, sanitary wipes are available on request.

Spirit Airlines

Although Spirit is not blocking middle seats, they are requiring face masks for all passengers. The airline is also disinfecting its aircraft with an electrostatic sprayer.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier is not blocking all of the middle seats on its Airbus A320 family fleet but will be restricted around 20 seats on its aircraft until the end of August. Face masks are also required to be worn by all passengers and employees, according to its website. In addition, the airline is taking passenger temperatures at the gate and denying boarding to anybody with a reading of 100.4 degrees after two attempts. Passengers need also fill out a health declaration at check-in, affirming that they have had no contact with someone with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case, will wash or sanitize their hands before a flight, will check their own temperature before travel, and understand and agree to Frontier’s face covering policy. The low-cost carrier is also disinfecting its aircraft by fogging through the use of an electrostatic sprayer.

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