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Palace Resorts Destination Weddings

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Welcome to your complete guide to Palace Resorts Destination Weddings! We absolutely love these properties and they are great for events. In fact, we love them so much that many in our office are Palace Pro Specialists Certified. This means we are among the top Palace Resorts selling agents in the US and have earned a Palace Resorts certification based on our knowledge of their properties, including their wedding packages.

The Palace brand represents 9 properties in Mexico and 1 in Jamaica. Each one is a great option for a Palace Resorts destination wedding. First let’s start with some frequently-asked questions about Palace Resorts Destination Weddings.


Frequently Asked Questions on Palace Resorts Destination Weddings

Frequently Asked Questions on Palace Resorts Destination Weddings

How do we book our Palace Resorts Destination Weddings?

Call our office at 402-390-9291 and ask to speak to one of our Palace Pro Specialists and/or destination wedding specialists. Most of the agents in our office are both. You can also get started here. First, we will help you to narrow down which Palace Resort is best for you. After that we will connect with the property to confirm your ceremony date and time. After signing a contract and paying a deposit to hold your date, we’ll start more of the planning process.

How much is the ceremony deposit?

The deposit is $250 to confirm and hold your ceremony date and time. This amount will be credited towards your wedding package or credited back to you at check out if you opt for the complimentary ceremony package (more on that later).

What vendors are included with Palace Resorts destination weddings? Can I bring my own vendors in?

Palace Resorts offers many wedding packages that include things like upgraded linens, flowers, centerpieces, chairs, etc.. Other vendors like DJ’s and photographers are not included in those packages. However, the wedding department at your Palace property can source  “in-house” vendors to choose from.

You are welcome to bring outside vendors but there is an $800 fee per outside vendor, so it can get pricey. If you do choose to use outside vendors, we recommend working with vendors that provide more than one service, such as photography and videography. If you choose in-house vendors, there is no additional “fee” besides the cost of the actual service.

What kind of ceremony and reception venues are available?

All Palace properties offer multiple ceremony and reception venue options. You can get married on the beach, in a ballroom, by the pool, or in some cases in a Catholic chapel (at Moon Palace only).

Will we have a walk-through with someone from the Palace Weddings Department?

Yes, once you arrive at the property you will meet with your Palace Wedding Coordinator. This should take place a few days before your wedding day. Depending on the Palace property you are getting married at, as well as if you are having a legal or symbolic ceremony, you will need to arrive to the property 3 or 4 days before your wedding.

During this time you can finalize any details with your Palace Wedding Coordinator. In addition, you can add additional last minute services (subject to availability).


Palace Resorts Complimentary Wedding Packages

Palace Resorts Complimentary Wedding Packages

Palace Resorts offers a complimentary wedding package at all of their properties. At Palace properties, the complimentary package includes:

  • Wedding ceremony location with ceremony structure and podium with silk floral decor
  • 30 white folding chairs
  • 1 Small bridal bouquet + 1 boutonniere
  • 1 tier simple wedding cake for 30 guests
  • Audio system for the ceremony
  • Minister to perform symbolic ceremony
  • Sparkling wine during ceremony
  • Semi-private dinner reservation for up to 30 guests (the “reception”)
  • Breakfast in bed the morning after the ceremony
  • Complimentary honeymoon package


Le Blanc Spa & Resort Complimentary Wedding Package

Le Blanc Spa & Resort falls under the Palace Resorts category, but their complimentary package is a little different than the other properties. Their’s includes:

  • Wedding ceremony location
  • Minister to perform symbolic or vow-renewal ceremony
  • Special butler service on the day of the wedding
  • 25 white Tiffany ceremony chairs
  • Semi-private dinner reservation for up to 25 guests
  • Sparkling wine during the ceremony
  • Special breakfast in bed the morning after the ceremony
  • 2 Le Blanc Signature bathrobes and 1 Le Blanc signature tote
  • Complimentary honeymoon package


Complimentary Honeymoon Packages

All Palace properties, including Le Blanc, offer a complimentary honeymoon package when you stay 3 nights or more (4 nights or more at Le Blanc).


Other Wedding Packages Available

Nautical Collection

Nautical Collection

The nautical wedding theme includes crisp navy and white stripes – perfect for a beach ceremony. Cost in Mexico is $1,500 and in Jamaica it is $1,800. Available at all Palace properties besides Le Blanc Cancun and Le Blanc Los Cabos. For this package, you are mainly paying extra for the decor.


Lavender Luxe Package

Lavender Luxe Collection

The Lavender Luxe Collection is available at Beach Palace, Moon Palace Cancun, Playacar Palace, Sun Palace, and The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun. It is $3,900. Once again the main additional amenities compared to the complimentary package are upgraded decor, this times in shades of purple.


Pearl Shimmer Package

Pearl Shimmer Package 

The Pearl Shimmer Package is available only at Beach Palace, Isla Mujeres Palace, Moon Palace Cancun, Playacar Palace, Sun Palace, and The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun. The cost is $4,500 and additional amenities include mostly tasteful decor and flowers.


Exotic Peacock package

Exotic Peacock Package

The Exotic Peacock package is available at all Palace resorts besides Isla Mujeres Palace and both Le Blanc properties. The cost is $3,000 for Mexico properties and $3,600 for Moon Palace Jamaica. Another unique option, but the additional amenities are also mainly decor.


Sultry Sunset Wedding Package

Sultry Sunset Wedding Package

This package is available only at Moon Palace Jamaica and the price is $5,100. With this package, you are paying extra for a lot more decor including flowers, vases, a soloist for the ceremony (flute, sax, or violin), and a bubble machine after the ceremony. This is the price for 30 guests.


Pure Collection Palace Resorts Destination Weddings

Pure Collection

The Pure Collection is also only available at Moon Palace Jamaica. The cost here is $5,400. It includes most of what is in t he Sultry Sunset Wedding Package – but an entirely different vibe. Rather than hot pink and romantic reds, the Pure Collection’s decor revolves around sheer pearl and ruffled fabrics, teardrop crystals, and white orchids.


chapels moon palace

Chapel Collection 

This is available only at Moon Palace Cancun. The cost is $2,115. In addition to what is included in their complimentary package, the Chapel Collection includes the chapel, obviously, a Catholic priest & a Catholic certificate. It also includes a horse-drawn carriage for the bride’s arrival, oak kneelers for 80 guests (maximum 100 guests here), floral decor for the chapel, and music by a harpist for the ceremony. Although the chapel holds 100 guests, this package only includes a semi-private dinner reservation for 30 guests. We can work with the Palace Resorts Wedding Coordinators on this.


Romantic Red Package Palace Resorts Destination Weddings

Romantic Red Package

This package is only available at Cozumel Palace and Moon Palace Jamaica. At Cozumel Palace the cost is $2,000. At Moon Palace Jamaica it is $2,400. This is another package where you are paying extra mostly for the added decor.


Le Blanc Spa Resort Additional Wedding Packages

Royale Collection

The Royale Collection is available only at Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun. The cost is $1,499. This is for 25 guests and does not include a private reception.


Signature wedding Package Palace Resorts Destination Weddings

Signature Wedding Package

The Signature Wedding Package is available at Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun only. The cost is $3,999. Some of the biggest items that are included in this package and not the others are a solo violinist during the ceremony and flowers for the ceremony and reception (limited). It also includes a private bridal dressing suite, hairstyle, makeup, manicure and pedicure. In addition, it includes a private reception for 2 hours for up to 32 guests.


Zen Garden Palace Resorts Destination Weddings

Zen Garden Wedding Package

This is only available at Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun. The cost is $2,799. It includes much of the same as the signature wedding package, except this package includes a saxophonist soloist for the ceremony. Also, it only includes 24 chairs. It does not include a manicure or pedicure for the bride. It does however offer a private reception for 2 hours for 24 guests.

Palace Resorts offers a wide array of unique properties to choose from. Each property has a variety of ceremony locations available. For more details, click here.

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