Saint Martin: This Week’s Destination Spotlight

Saint Martin: This Week's Destination Spotlight

Saint Martin: This Week’s Destination Spotlight

We love Saint Martin and we have been sending many clients and some of our agents to this gorgeous destination recently. Secrets St. Martin’s all-inclusive resort opened earlier this year and we can’t get enough of the gorgeous property located directly on Anse Marcel Beach. Read more about Secrets St. Martin in our recent travel blog post here.

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Saint Martin: This Week’s Destination Spotlight

What’s so special about Saint Martin?

Saint Martin is a 37-square-mile island with a French side and a Dutch side. This means you can get your passport stamped twice when you visit! The Dutch side (St. Maarten) in the south is full of beautiful resorts, lively boardwalks, beach bars, and casinos that stay open late into the night. The French side is a bit quieter, with colorful harbors and stunning homes built into the cliffs – it is much like a Mediterranean fishing village. Plus, the food on the French side is amazing!

The Dutch Side (St. Maarten)

Sint Maarten, the Dutch side in the south, is where you should go for world-class shopping, boating culture, and diving – just to name a few! This part of the island is known for its duty-free shopping, especially for its jewelry shops! It is home to many high-class jewelry stores. In addition, the charming boardwalk has a lot of shopping as well.

For boating culture, St. Maarten is where it’s at. This is where the annual Heineken Regatta is held. The races are spectacular but the parties afterward are even more legendary.

Sint Maarten is also where you’ll want to hide for the best scuba diving. Check out nearby Saba, a dormant volcanic island visible from St. Maarten’s Sunset Beach. Here you’ll find some of the best-hidden gems for diving in the Caribbean.

The French side (Saint Martin)

The French Side of the island is known for its delicious cuisine, nude beaches, and boho-chic culture. The amazing cuisine is all thanks to the French influence on the island. You will be absolutely blown away by the delicious French Caribbean food in this part of the island. They also have fine dining options that rival Paris. Check out Bistro Caraibes for a fabulous fancy dinner one night, then get adventurous and wander into one of the tiny Creole eateries (known as “lolos”) the next night. Thank us later!

The French side is also known for its beaches – namely its nude beaches! Many beaches on this side of the island welcome nude sunbathers. Some, like the famed Baie Orientale, offer amazing happy hours during the week.

Travelers return often to the French side of the island to experience the “vibe” – half-boho, half-chic southern France. You’ll find stunning villas tucked into shady hills, cafes with delicious pastries, and many artists living about.

Which side is better?

You’ll love St. Martin no matter which side you decide to stay on. American visitors may feel slightly more comfortable on the Dutch side, where they speak English and use the dollar as currency. However, many do speak English on the French side as well so do not let that deter you. On the other hand, why not visit both sides? Crossing from one side to the other is simple and easy.

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