See These Real Life Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Ireland

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See These Real Life Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Ireland

Game of Thrones has come to an end, with their series finale airing on HBO last Sunday, May 19. Don’t despair! If you identify as a true GOT fan, you can visit these real-life Game of Thrones sets in Ireland. Our travel expert Kyle Smith and his wife Kat visited a few of these sites, but there are several dotted throughout all of Europe. Check out some of our favorites in Ireland below.


Kyle & Kat’s Ireland Tour: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones 1

The Canal at Carnlough Harbour – Canal Steps in Braavos

Here, the Waif stabs Arya in episode 7 of season 6 (The Broken Man). If you remember, Arya jumps into the freezing water to escape and crawls up the steps into the streets of Braavos. This is a very recognizable scene thanks to the stairs and we can attest to the fact that the water is absolutely freezing!


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Ballintoy Beach and Harbor – Pyke, the Iron Islands & Dragonstone

Ballintoy Harbor is a very recognizable location, as it was the set of five episodes in Game of Thrones. It has served as Pyke and the Iron Islands. In addition, this is the filming location for Dragonstone in several episodes including:

  • Season 2, Episode 2: The Night Lands
  • Season 2, Episode 3: What is Dead May Never Die
    • This is where Theon’s bapistm was shot.
  • Season 4, Episode 2: The Lion and the Rose
  • Season 6, Episode 2: Home
    • The funeral scene in this episode was shot here.
  • Season 6, Episode 5: The Door.
    • This is where the drowning and rebirth of Euron was filmed as well as Yara and Theon’s escape in The Door.

The village of Ballintoy and its harbor are a great stop-off point along the Causeway Coastal Route.


Game of Thrones 2

Murlough Bay – Renly’s Canp, the Stormlands, Slaver’s Bay and Essos

This is the set for Renly’s Camp, the Stormlands and Slaver’s Bay, as well as Essos. It is located in North East Country Antrim. This is where Tyrion and Jorah are accosted by slavers in Season 5, Episode 6. It is also the location of Renly’s camp in Season 2, Episode 4.

In real life, the bay offers great views across the sea to Rathlin Island and the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland.


Other Game of Thrones Sites in Northern Ireland

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Downhill Beach – Dragonstone

Downhill Beach is one of Ireland’s most gorgeous beaches. This 11 kilometer stretch of beach is an Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI) and a Special Area of Conservation. It is known for the tiny temple of Mussenden perched dramatically on the 120 foot cliff top overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

This is where Stannis Baratheon’s rejection of the Seven Gods of Westeros was filmed in Season 2, Episode 1.


Game of Thrones 2a


Game of Thrones fans know Binevenagh as the Dothraki Gasslands, North of Meereen and Essos. This is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (officially), as well as an Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI). On the top of the mountain, you can catch great views of Roe Valley, the Sperrin Mountains and the North Coast, in addition to Lough Foyle to Donegal.

This is where Season 5, Episode 10 filmed. In this episode, the Dothraki horde spots Daenerys as she is looking for food.


Game of Thrones 3a

Portstewart Strand – Coast of Dorne

Portstewart Strand is most recognizable as the filming location in Season 5, Episode 4. Game of Thrones fans know it as the Coast of Dorne. This is also an ASSI. This is where Jaime and Bronn come ashore on Dorne and kill the Dornish men. It is during the scene when they go to recover Jaime’s niece Myrella and bring her back to King’s Landing. You may also recognize it as the place where Ellaria and the sisters plan to start a war with the Lannisters.


Game of Thrones 4a

The Dark Hedges – The Kingsdroad, North of King’s Landing

Close to the village of Armoy is one of the most iconic Game of Thrones filming locations: the Dark Hedges. This tree-lined avenue is a famous Northern Ireland landmark in its own right. This is the filming location of Kingsroad in Season 2, Episode 1. You may recognize it from the scene where Arya Stark escapes King’s Landing in the back of a cart when she is disguised as a boy.


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