The Top Travel News Stories from July 2019

The Top Travel News Stories from July 2019

Today marks the last day of July 2019! Let’s take a look back at some of the top travel news stories that graced our screens in the past month. Read on!


passport fedex

You can renew your passport within 24 hours with FedEx

I’m sure many of you have heard horror stories of travelers getting to the airport with everything they need, only to find that their passport expired a month ago. Don’t be that person! Now, FedEx offers a service that will deliver you a new passport in only 24 hours. FedEx joined forces with the service RushMyPassport to offer the fastest solution to the dreaded expired passport. Just stop into one of 2,000 FedEx locations or visit their website to register for a new document.

“Routine passport processing can take weeks, which can mean the difference between enjoying that dream vacation you’ve spent months planning or canceling it,” Mosie Miller, CEO of RushMyPassport, said in a statement. “You also have to factor in the possibility of issues with documents you finally receive in the mail, causing further delays and even more headaches. The combined service offering of RushMyPassport and FedEx Office helps travelers overcome these issues, giving a smooth and secure way to handle passport needs.”

For more details, read the full article from Travel + Leisure.



Boeing’s 737 Max May Stay Grounded Until 2020, According to WSJ

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Boeing Co.’s 737 Max may stay grounded until 2020. This is months later than what has been previously reported by the plane maker to customers.  This is what they told customers and media: “On Sunday, American Airlines Group Inc. said it would keep the jet off its schedule through Nov. 2, the fifth time the airline has adjusted its flights to accommodate the Max’s lengthening absence. United Airlines Holdings Inc. this week also removed the 737 Max from its schedule through early November.” Check out a full analysis of the WSJ article below, on Bloomberg.



Overtourism Cuba

You Can Still Legally Travel to Cuba – Here’s How

Recent Trump administration policies — like a ban on cruise ships and the elimination of the group people-to-people visa category — have created some confusion about whether it’s okay for Americans to visit. Back in 2015, Americans began to get a taste of this diversity under President Obama, whose administration relaxed restrictions on travel to Cuba. The island swelled with American tourists and the country was named Travel + Leisure Destination of the Year. Despite political tensions and public confusion, the largest island in the Caribbean remains open for business. For more details on how to legally travel to Cuba, head to the link below.



Walt Disney World attractions lifestyle shoot. April 2013. Photographer: Cynthia Perez

Mom’s Angry Rant About Childless Adults at Disney World Sparks Fiery Internet Debate

You may have seen the heated discussions which resulted from a Twitter user, @JenKatWrites. In a Facebook post earlier this month. She was angry about Millennials making Disney World “extra frustrating” for her. The post used some very strong language and sparked a debate online with many people, childless or not. Most were running to the defense of these so-called “immature” Millennials without kids. The woman claimed they were sucking all of the fun out of Disney World for parents and kids. She wrote, “”They have NO idea the JOY and HAPPINESS it is to MOTHER WHO BUYS THEIR BABIES TREATS AND TOYS!!!! THEY WILL NEVER EXPERIENCE THE EXHAUSTION THAT IT IS TO CHASE A 3 YEAR OLD AROUND AND GETTING STARES AT ASSUMING IM A BAD MOTHER!!!!” Read more at the article below from Travel + Leisure.



What you need to know about the Zika virus and travel

The Zika virus made headlines in 2016 and led many to cancel trips to Latin America and the Caribbean. However, just as quickly as it took over the news, it seemed to disappear from headlines. The World Health Organization updated their report on the virus today. They cited it in 87 countries including Brazil, China, India and Egypt. “The good news is that we haven’t been hearing about Zika because transmission has been low,” said Dr. Eve Lackritz, who leads the Zika Task Force at W.H.O. “Transmission dropped dramatically through 2017 and 2018, but when we have an end of an epidemic we don’t stop our work.” For more details, head to the article linked below.



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