7 Ways A Travel Agent Adds Value to Your Vacation

7 Ways A Travel Agent Adds Value to Your Vacation


You earned your vacation days! Every moment you take off from your day-to-day responsibilities is priceless and you don’t want to waste this precious time with anything that is not perfect. Travel always involves a certain element of risk, as it depends on Mother Nature and complicated machines to work together to get us where we want to go. It’s a practice that calls for an expert and one where the benefits of using a travel agent are endless.

You’re not likely to find a once-in-a-lifetime experience online. That’s the magic a professional can bring to your trip of a lifetime. Travel professionals know what’s hot and what’s overbooked. Even further, they know what’s about to become the next big thing (so you can get there before the crowds). Below are some of the many ways a good travel agent can add value to every minute of your vacation.

1. A Travel Agent Helps You Find the Right Destination

According to Travel Market Report, the average online booker runs up to 49 searches and spends 4 hours sifting through information and reviews posted by strangers. A good travel agent knows which questions to ask that will point you to the right destination. They take the time to get to know you and learn about your likes and dislikes to ensure that your trip is a match to your preferences.

2. End-to-End Service

A professional agent is there for you from the minute you step out the door until you return home safely with your luggage intact. She is your advocate, your guardian angel, your defense attorney. If the hotel is overbooked or the airport is snowed in, you know right away that you have someone in your corner to help get your trip back on track.

3. Keeping You Safe

Experienced travel professionals stay informed with what is happening around the world.  Your travel agent can warn you if there is illness or danger in a location you are considering. She is also your point of contact in case anything is to go wrong while you are abroad. By staying in the know, your travel agent can be a step ahead of any potential issues!

4. Having the Proper Paperwork

Don’t be the person at the airport without the correct visa, passport, or other credentials. You may think you’re up to date on the regulations, but then something unexpected will pop up. For instance, some countries will not let you enter within six months of the date of your passport expiration. Your travel professional will ensure you are fully prepared with all of the correct documentation.

5. Knowing the Right Insurance

You probably do not need cancellation insurance for that direct flight from Omaha to Denver. However, there is a time and a place for travel insurance, and those times and places are constantly changing. Even more important, many health insurance plans often don’t cover you while out of the country. A travel professional will help you weigh the insurance options available to you, taking into account your age, your health, your existing medical coverage, and where you are traveling.

6. Saving You Money

While travel agents sell service, not discounted prices, they can hold down your costs in many ways (sometimes by hundreds of dollars). They know all of the discounts and promotions, the best times to book, and the best days to travel. Use of a travel agent can be especially advantageous if you are traveling in a group. Even for small groups of six travelers or more, they can likely get you a discount or special amenity.

7. Scoring Some Perks

Travel agents create value in your trip with help from their connections. They have ties to hotels, tour companies, and even tourism boards throughout the world. Often they can get you free or discounted excursions, spa visits, room upgrades, and other perks that are not available online. Many tour companies pride themselves on being available only through a travel agency, meaning they offer special discounts and promotions that you will not find online!

So what are you waiting for? Your perfect vacation is just a phone call away! Get started building the trip of a lifetime by calling 402-281-3022. Because without a travel professional, you really are on your own.

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