Travel Talk: This Week’s Top Travel News Stories


Travel Talk: This Week’s Top Travel News Stories

From the upside to the Turkish currency crisis, to the most affordable Labor Day weekend getaways for 2018; here are the top travel news stories of the week.


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The Turkish currency crisis makes travel to Istanbul more affordable

In our first travel news story of the week, a silver lining to the Turkish currency crisis. The Turkish government is taking measures to strengthen the lira. but it has lost more than 45 percent of its value in the last year. American tourists will find that the US dollar will go much farther than it did a year ago. To be exact, $1 is equivalent to about 6 Turkish lira. Just a year ago, it was almost half that! Read the full article here.



This new luxury “wandering hotel” will pop up in locations from Italy to Brazil to Cambodia

A charismatic Frenchman named Teyssier spearheaded a radical new project that will offer guests some of the world’s most exclusive travel experiences, via a wandering hotel named “7,000 Heures“.  Teyssier is running 7,000 Heures as a club, with membership available from its website. Read the full article to learn more about how you can experience the wandering hotel for yourself.



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Don’t make these travel etiquette mistakes the next time you fly

The overall atmosphere of airports, plus the stress that flying has on your mind and body, can make anyone a bit on edge. This increase in stress that passengers experience is partly due to the fact that more people than ever are traveling today. Read the full article for some of the most common etiquette errors that plane passengers commit.



After the hurricanes, Caribbean travel is coming back faster than you think

Tourism is the driving force that keeps Caribbean islands thriving, so it should come as no surprise that they are back in business after recent storms. As Irma and then Maria tore paths of devastation through the region, those who work in hospitality were already constructing plans to build tourism back up. Read more about the plans here.



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10 affordable Labor Day weekend getaways for 2018

Labor Day weekend travel plans often get put off to the last minute. This year may be no different, but thankfully this article has tips on where to go last minute without breaking the bank. From St. Louis to Puerto Rico, you’ll find something on this list that invigorates your wanderlust.



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