Travel Talk: 2021 Set to be a Big Travel Year

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Travel Talk: 2021 Set to be a Big Travel Year

In this week’s edition of Travel Talk, we’re taking a look at how 2021 is gearing up to be a big travel year. In addition, the best places to travel in October and how the lack of travel is causing stress and anxiety. Plus, how Alaska Airlines plans to reinvent touch-free travel for passengers and Thailand proposes a plan to welcome back international tourists in October.


Read on for the top travel news stories from around the web this week!


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Making up for lost time: 2021 is gearing up to be a big travel year

Many travels say they are planning bigger, longer, and more over-the-top trips than ever before for 2021. The Points Guy calls this “vacation retaliation” against COVID-19. Click the link below to read how the years following the coronavirus pandemic may be remembered as a big year of travel extravagance!



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Best Places to Visit in October

Many are looking to dip their toes into travel again after months of being cooped inside. If you’re itching for a travel adventure, look no further than this list. CNN Traveler includes such domestic destinations as Salem, Massachusetts and Sonoma, California. In addition, top international destinations include Antigua and Barbuda and Los Cabos, Mexico. Click the link below to read the full list.



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You’re not crazy: Loss of travel is causing people to feel stress & anxiety

Do it for your mental health! Travel lovers can relate: not being able to travel is causing some serious depression and anxiety. According to Kumi Smith, assistant profess of epidemiology and community health at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, explains to The Points Guy: “Travel and getting away and that is very important for mental health.” According to her, travel lovers are going to need to find a new balance in the next few months. Read more at the link below.



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Alaska Airlines reinvents touch-free travel for passengers

Despite challenging times in the midst of the novel coronavirus, modern technology consistently makes things just a little easier. While airlines across the U.S. recover after more than half a year of hardship upon the spread of COVID-19, they’re taking new approaches to ensure safe travels. Now, Alaska Airlines is stepping up the game. This week, the airline announced new features to its mobile app to help passengers travel, free of unnecessary touch and limiting contact with both surfaces and employees. Read more at the link below.




Thailand floats plan to welcome back international tourists in October

During a public forum held late last week, Thailand’s Minister of Tourism Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn said the country is aiming to allow foreign tourists to enter the country through a program dubbed “Safe and Sealed.” He explained, “I have asked the prime minister for approval to set October 1 as the date to allow (inbound) tourists to enter. I also have requested to use Phuket as a pilot model…and have received approval from the Center for Economic Situation Administration.” Read more at the link below.



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