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Travel Talk

The travel & leisure business is an ever-growing industry, and it can be tough to keep up on the latest trends. Thankfully, we’ve gathered the top travel news stories from around around the web for you right here. Read on below!


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How Travel Can Make You More Productive: 5 Tips From a Tech Founder

Boomerang, a “productivity software” company,  has one unique secret to growing  their business, and it may surprise you. Owners Moah and Moore have found that bringing their employees on week-long work-away trips not only keeps employees happy, but it has contributed to the growth of their company. Read the full article fo find out why Moah thinks travel is so vital, plus five tips for making the most of a business trip.




New Airline Routes Coming Soon That You’ll Want to Book

Getting across the country, or going international, has never been easier. This article breaks down all of the most exciting new flights, in addition to soon-to-launch routes you won’t want to miss. Nothing kills a vacation high like a long and treacherous layover. Skip the extra airport time with a nonstop flight to Madrid from L.A., NYC, or Fort Lauderdale. Or look out for Singapore Airlines new flight schedule, which includes nonstop service between LA and Singapore.




August is the Cheapest Summer Travel Month – here are 11 flights to Europe up to 50% off

According to flight book app Hopper, August is the cheapest travel month of summer, especially to Europe. You may have to think outside the box, but that’s part of the adventure! For example the best savings to Europe in August is Helsinki, Finland. Read the full list of 11 European cities to which flights have the biggest price drops for August compared to June and July.




The Best Place to Sit On An Airplane, According to Flight Attendants

This article has great tips, including the best seat on an airplane, direct from flight attendants. Read the full article for advice on how to avoid stress and anxiety at the airport, what to bring in your carry-on to stay warm and comfortable, and more.



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