Travel Talk: February Travel Must-Haves, Airports of the Future & More

February Travel Must-Haves, Airports of the Future & More

Travel Talk: February Travel Must-Haves, Airports of the Future & More

In this week’s Travel Talk, we’re bringing you the February travel must-haves you need for your next trip and a look at what an airport will look like in 2030. Plus, a first-hand account of traveling to Cuba as an American, British Airways record-breaking subsonic flight from New York to London and the best credit cards for international travel of 2020.


Read on for all of the top travel news stories for February Travel Must-Haves, Airports of the Future & More!


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February Travel Must-Haves

Are you traveling in the month of February? Then you might need a few items off this list! From Away’s shiny rose gold suitcase and Hanky Panky’s comfy romper to a new makeup brush and chic black dress, these are the travel pieces you want to add to your travel wardrobe this month. Read the full list at the link below!



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What the Airport of 2030 Will Look Like

There’s no doubt that technology has helped enhance the airport experience, especially in the last decade or so. So much has changed in the past 10 years – from how you get through security to how you find out your flight is delayed. So how much will it change in another ten years? Head to the link below to find out.




Thought you Couldn’t Legally Tour Cuba as an American? You Can, and I Did

Since US President Donald Trump signed the latest round of restrictions on US travel to Cuba, which eliminated “people to people” educational tours for Americans and cruise ship operations from the US to Cuba in June, tourist arrivals to the Caribbean island have plunged nearly 21%, Cuban government data shows. So what’s the deal with American travel to Cuba in February 2020? Click the link below for the full article.



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Best Credit Cards for International Travel of 2020

CNBC Select reviewed popular travel credit cards to find the best options for people that travel internationally, so you can maximize rewards and save on unnecessary fees. The overall winner is the American Express Gold Card. They also awarded top cards for best with no annual fee, best for dining, etc. Read the full list and details on each at the link below!



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British Airways Smashes Record for Quickest Subsonic Flight from New York to London

A British Airways flight has broken the record for the fastest-ever subsonic flight between New York and London, reaching a top speed of more than 800mph. The Boeing 747 aircraft flew overnight from Saturday to Sunday and reached its destination in four hours and 56 minutes, as Storm Ciara sped towards the United Kingdom. For more details, check out the link below!




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