Travel Talk: How Travel is Getting More Dog-Friendly, Where to Travel in October, and More

Travel Talk: How Travel is Getting More Dog-Friendly, Where to Travel in October, and More

This week we came across several stories on how travel is becoming more dog-friendly, plus tips for the upcoming fall and winter travel seasons, and much more.


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The best place to travel in October

“Should season” is upon us which means traveling is more affordable now than any other time in the year. In addition, temperatures are lowering and it is enjoyable to be outside again! Take advantage of the lower prices and cooler temps by booking a trip to Cancun, Berkshires, or South Africa. Check out the full list here.



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Delta Airlines joins forces with a startup company to improve the pet travel experience

In airline travel news this week, Delta is changing its policies for animal companions on flights with the help of a pet travel pod startup. Policy won’t be the only thing changing – in addition, you should expect prices to change as well. Delta and the Singapore-based startup CarePod will be working together on a system for carrying and monitoring pets more efficiently during air travel. Read more about this partnership here.



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These airlines have the best Wi-Fi and other inflight tech advances

Southeast Asian technology company Traveloka published a travel report which analyzes the world’s most tech-friendly airlines. Wi-Fi speed and cost, text messaging availability, and in-flight entertainment, in addition to charger station availability, were among the factors that Traveloka based their report on.



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Tips for staying healthy and full of energy during fall and winter travel

Want to learn more about how to stay healthy while traveling? This article has tips for eating well and exercising, getting enough sleep in a different bed, and more. And don’t forget to read this one until the very end for 2 delicious cherry-infused recipes that are great for traveling.



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10 travel destinations where you can take your dog with you

For dog lovers, you may not consider it a “family vacation” if your dog isn’t with you. Thankfully, the travel industry is becoming evermore dog-friendly today, with tons of hotels, homeshare companies, and even airlines opening their doors to pets. Read this report from Amy Burkert, who created the award-winning pet travel blog and help sit, for the top 10 dog-friendly destinations you don’t want to miss.



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