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Travel Talk: Travel Trends, News & More

In this week’s Travel Talk, we’re taking a look at new travel trends including how DNA Kits are driving “Heritage Travel” globally. In addition, we’re sharing a New York Times article on the rules for traveling with a passport. Finally, New York’s LaGuardia unveils a new $3.9 billion Delta terminal, advice for curing a “travel hangover”, and how airports are testing faster ways to get people onto planes. Read on!


DNA Kits Are Driving Heritage Travel Trends Globally

“As DNA testing becomes easier and cheaper than ever before, it is driving travel trends globally,” this article states. While much of this travel trend could be chalked up as a marketing ploy, for some people Heritage Travel has true and special significance. In order to decide for yourself if Heritage Travel is for you, read the full article at the link below.



You’ve probably heard the recommendation that travelers’ passports have expiration dates at least six months past their proposed travel dates. Passport websites do state that “less than six months from expiration” is recommended — but not explicitly required, so why was the writer of this article, Sarah Firshein, denied boarding when her passport was expiring in 4 months? It’s a bit trickier than it leads on, so head to the link below for the full rules regarding expiration dates and passports.


New York’s LaGuardia Unveils New $3.9 Billion Delta Terminal

LGA is undergoing an $8 billion overhaul, which includes a new $3.9 billion Delta terminal. “Threadbare atmosphere, constant delays, never-ending construction and all-round inefficiency” are some ways travelers describe LGA. Not any more! In addition, the terminal is only a small part of a massive renovation. Read more at the article below.



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Travel Hangover: How to Deal with Post-Vacation Blues

The abrupt shift from vacation mode to the work week can leave you disoriented and sometimes sad. A travel hangover, aka the post-vacation blues, describes that bummed feeling you experience after a vacation. In addition to the blues, this can cause a difficult readjustment to regular life. This article shows that research proves it is a real thing. Read more at the article below.



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Airports Test Faster Ways to Get People onto Planes

A new trial at Gatwick airport in the UK could result in airline passengers boarding times cut by up to 10%. Gatwick has been working with EasyJet to test different boarding sequences in hopes that the boarding process could be quicker and less stressful for passengers. The trial includes experimentation like boarding people from the back row to the front. In addition, they are trying to board with window seat passengers first, etc.. Read the full article below for more details.



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