Travel Talk Tuesday: Sagrada Familia gets a permit after 137 years of building, how air travel will be easier for people with disabilities & more

Travel Talk Tuesday: Sagrada Familia gets a permit after 137 years of building, how air travel will be easier for people with disabilities & more

From now on we will be recapping the top travel news stories from around the web on Tuesdays. This week, we’re taking a look the Sagrada Familia and their new building permit, why Chernobyl is becoming a top travel destination & more. Read on for the full stories!


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Sagrada Familia: One of the top travel destinations in Spain gets a permit after 137 years

Our travel expert Teresa just visited the famed La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (you can read about her experience in Barcelona here). Now, after 137 years of construction, Barcelona has finally issued a building license for it’s famous tourist attraction. The famous Roman Catholic Church was designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí and has stood unfinished for over a century. The permit was granted Friday and the projected completion date is 2026. Read more from NPR here.



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Chernobyl suddenly becomes a top travel destination among tourists

HBO recently launched a series dubbed “Chernobyl”, depicting the horrific nuclear explosion that occurred three decades ago. Ever since the show aired, travelers have become interested in seeing the sight for themselves. Although the show was filmed mostly in Lithuania, its popularity has caused the infamous Ukrainian  site to see tourists increase by about a third. In addition to seeing the outside, you can book a guided trip through the “exclusion zone” which covers over 4,000 square kilometers around the nuclear power point. Read more on this travel destination and the history behind it on CNN.



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Airlines vow to improve bag tracking for all and ease travel for people with disabilities

The airline industry is working together to take global action to improve the travel experience for people with disabilities. The International Air Transport Association’s recently passed a handful of intentions to make the travel experience better for every traveler. Two very important resolutions discussed addressed bag tracking for all travelers and accessibility for people with disabilities.

To address bag tracking issues, airlines such as Delta switched from bar code technology to track bags to RFID )radio frequency identification) tracking. This form of wireless communication uses an embedded RFID chip to track bags.

To address easing the travel experience for those with disabilities, CNBC turned to a study from an Open Doors Organization that found adults with disabilities spend $17.3 billion annually on travel. But air travel poses many challenges for people with disabilities. In addition, IATA passed a resolution committing airlines to ensure passengers with disabilities will have access to safe, reliable and dignified travel. Read more from CNBC here.



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The latest travel trend: the “microbreak” – see the top travel destinations in just a one or two night getaway

A “microbreak” is the latest travel trend. It allows you to see some of the top travel destinations around the world in a short one- or two-night trip. CNBC is calling an alternative to a more expensive, extended getaway. “Microbreaks are super, super quick and easy trips for people to take not only in between longer vacations, but also just to scratch that wanderlust itch if maybe you can’t get away or afford a trip to Hawaii,” Expedia spokesperson Alexis Tiacoh said. These short trips are becoming increasingly more popular, especially among budget-friendly millennials. Read more at the link below.



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The world’s top travel experts announce the best hotels, bars and spas for 2019 travel destinations

Luxury travelers are turning to experienced travel experts and advisers now more than ever. Head to Forbes to read the nominations for the 2019 Best of the Best awards. The winners for the best hotels, bars and spas in top travel destinations around the world will be announced at the 31st annual Travel Week conference on August 14, 2019 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The nominees and ultimate winners were hand-selected by hundreds of travel agencies and luxury travel advisers from around the globe. Some of the Hotel of the Year nominees include the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, as well as The Lowell in New York. Get the full list of nominees and more details on each on





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