13 Travel Tips You Need to Know Before Visiting Europe

13 Travel Tips You Need to Know Before Visiting Europe

Preparing for travel to European countries can feel overwhelming and never ending, which is why we’ve compiled this list of helpful travel tips to guide you through the process. Whether this is your first time flying across the pond or your fifth, check out the travel tips below to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey!

1. Convert Your Money

Read up on the exchange rates and form of currency accepted in the country that you are traveling to. If you are located in the Omaha area, First National Bank  offers up to 70 different types of paper currency. Many of these currency options are same day exchange, subject to availability (i.e. Euros, Swiss Francs, British pounds). Don’t let the worry of coming back with extra Euros keep you from sticking to budget, you can simply exchange any left over back to USD.

2. Keep Alcohol in Checked Luggage

You can’t come home from Spain without a couple bottles of Spanish wine, right? Keep these out of TSA’s hands by securely packing them in your checked luggage (you will be confiscated of liquids over three ounces in your carry on). Check out this step-by-step video tutorial to keep everything in one piece for the long journey home!

3. Learn Some Native Phrases

Locals will greatly appreciate the effort to communicate in their native language, so be sure to memorize a few basic phrases in advance (hello, please, thank you, etc.). Keep an index card for reference or check out these handy Penguin phrase-books available in many different languages.

4. Call Your Banks and Credit Unions

Without prior notice of the specific dates, locations , and duration of your travels, your bank will shut off your debit or credit card for fraud protection. Likely without notifying you first! Informing your banks and credit unions ahead of time is simple, just call the phone number on the back of your card(s) to speak with a representative.

5. Check in Online 24-hours Prior

To ensure that you get the most updated flight schedule and optimal boarding group, remember to check in for your flight 24 hours prior to departure. If your flight schedule has been moved to earlier in the day, this gives you time adjust your schedule accordingly instead of finding out at the airport when it’s too late.

6. Bring an Adapter

There’s nothing more inconvenient than checking into your hotel thousands of miles from home only to realize that you didn’t bring the proper equipment to keep your electronics and grooming tools charged.  Places like Target carry these for worldwide!

7. Book Trains and Transfers Ahead of Time

Train schedules become available 60 days prior to the date of travel. This is definitely something you’ll want to secure prior to leaving the country to ensure that your preferred time frame and route does not sell out. When traveling by rail to several cities or countries, consider purchasing a rail pass instead of individual tickets to get the most for your money. Head over to Rail Europe to begin building your itinerary or reach out to your travel agent for help with this step in the process.

8. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Make sure that you are always aware of your surroundings and belongings, as tourists tend to be easy targets for pickpocketing. Opt for an over-the-shoulder bag you can keep hold of toward the front of your body and avoid keeping anything valuable in back pockets or easily accessible backpacks! Leave all valuables secured in your in-room safe before a long day of walking and exploring.

9. Bring proper walking shoes

In many of Europe’s historic cities, the sites worth seeing are best visited by foot. Unfortunately your go-to pair of sandals or slip ons likely won’t hold up for the many miles of walking that await you. We recommend bringing your most reliable and comfortable pair of tennis shoes to keep the blisters and foot cramps to a minimum.

10. Touch Base with Your Phone Service Provider

This is important as you’ll want to stay in touch, post pictures, and Google menu items. Touch base with your service provider regarding how international texts, calls, and data usage are associated with your account! If your plan does not include any international perks, disable your networks and stick to free wifi.

11. Allow Extra Time at the Airport

Get to the airport two hours prior to your departure in case of lines or delays. If you’ve ever missed a flight, you can imagine how frustrating it would be in a foreign country!

12. Educate Yourself on the Areas You Will Be Visiting

Don’t visit Venice and expect to find a slice of Italy’s renowned wood fired pizza. The reason is that wood burning ovens are banned here.  Also don’t assume that entrance lines to the Vatican will be shorter mid-week. Ask your travel agent how you can skip these lines. In short, do your research beforehand to prevent wasting valuable time when in destination.

13. Talk to the Locals

Looking for the most authentic restaurants, hidden gem shops, and uncrowded beaches? Talk to the locals! They know the ins-and-outs of their city better than any visitor review you’ll find on TripAdvisor. This is where travel tip number three can be put to good use again!

Do you have any go-to travel tips for Europe that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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